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What are the documents needed to apply for MNU scholarships?

Posted on 18 April 2022 09:32 am

For Tuition Fee & Undergraduate Full Scholarship:

  • Attested O’ Level and A’ Level Certificates.
  • School Leaving Certificate.
  • ID Card Copy.

For Postgraduate Full Scholarship:

  • Attested Degree Certificate.
  • Attested Degree Transcript.
  • ID Card Copy.

For Shaheed Award:
This award will be opened for students from four Faculties (MNUBS, FHTS, FEST, CMS).
Fill in the Shaheed Award form and submit with your academic transcript to your respective Faculty.
Please email to

For Special Scholarship (Gaumu Binaa Kurumah Dhey Khaassa Scholarship):

  • Attested O’Level and A’Level Certificates.
  • ID Card Copy.