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Posted by Administrator on 21 September 2020 10:09 am

How to save the Answer Booklet as a PDF file in Online Exams



The answer booklet provided in online exams is a Microsoft WORD file. After answering, the answer booklet must be submitted as a PDF file. Therefore, students must know how to convert the answer booklet to a PDF file and rename it, from the device that they will use to do their exams.

This document explains how a Microsoft WORD file can be converted to PDF format in Microsoft WORD 2016.


  • Click the ‘File’ button on the top left corner.


  • Select ‘Save As’ from the list on the left.


  • Choose where you want to save the document by clicking the ‘Browse’ button.


  • Select PDF from the ‘Save as type’ drop down menu as shown below.


  • Rename the file as follows:

File name: Student ID (space) Subject Code (space) Section

Example: 41475 CPT101 A01


  • Click “Save”.
WORD To PDF Conversion (Dhivehi).pdf (281.58 KB)
WORD To PDF Conversion (English).pdf (266.73 KB)