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Posted by Examination on 09 September 2020 08:48 am

2020 Term 2 Final Examinations

Online Examination Guideline for Students

އޮންލައިން އިމްތިޙާނު ހަދާނެގޮތުގެ އިރުޝާދުގެ ދިވެހި ގައިޑް ޑައުންލޯޑު ކުރުމަށް މިލިންކަށް ފިތާލައްވާ.



  • 2020 Term 2 Final Exams will be held from 20th November to 5th December 2020.
  • Online exams for 2020 Term 2 will be offered via Moodle. You will need internet connection and access to a computer or a similar device from which you can do the exam (or type your answers).
  • Exams will be available at the dates and times scheduled in the examination timetable. A tentative timetable will be released on 1st October 2020. The final version of the exam timetable will be released on 1st November 2020.
  • Statement of Entry (SOE) will be available through Exam Portal from 8th November. Students are required to solve any issues in their SOE and save or print the correct SOE before 15th November 2020, 14:00 hrs.

Maintaining Integrity in Online Exams

  • By attempting the online exam, you agree to abide by the following principles:
    • Assure that the answers given in the exam will be your own work.
    • Declare that you will do the exam with honesty and without cheating. Hence, you will not receive assistance from other students or individuals, and you will not consult unauthorized materials or resources.
    • Agree to keep the questions in the exam paper confidential and not to disclose its content to anyone during or after the exam.
  • Severe disciplinary action will be taken against students who violate the above rules.
  • The authenticity of your answers will be checked using Moodle log reports and Turnitin or other plagiarism detecting methods.

Preparing for Exam

It is the responsibility of the student to get acquainted with the online exam process and how to do the exam online. Hence, students are required to do the following before the exam period commences.

  • Go through this guideline and be familiar with the online exam process.
  • Be familiar with the processes involved in doing the exam in Moodle. (How to use Moodle? click here).
  • The answer booklet provided for online exams is a Microsoft WORD file. If you are instructed to use the answer booklet, it must be converted to a PDF file and renamed after you finish answering. Therefore, ensure that you know how to convert WORD files into PDF files and rename, from the device that you will be using in the exam. (How to convert Microsoft Word file to PDF? click here).
  • Ensure that you know how to report an exam issue by submitting a ticket via HelpDesk (How to submit a ticket? click here).
  • Ensure that you have settled any pending fees.
  • Ensure that you can access and use Moodle for each subject in which you are registered.
  • Ensure that you can access and use your student email. Any email communication regarding the exam must be made using your university student email. Mails sent from personal email IDs will be disregarded.
  • Complete the Trial/Mock Online Exam to familiarize yourself with the online exam process. It is a mandatory exam for students doing online exams in 2020 Term 2. The Trial/Mock online exam will be available on Moodle from 28th September, 09:00 hrs. to 3rd October, 23:59 hrs. Students MUST complete the exam before 3rd October, 23:59 hrs.
  • Ensure that any issue in your SOE is solved and the correct SOE is saved or printed before 15th November 2020, 14:00 hrs. Please be informed that you will have access to the exam for ONLY those subjects, which are given in your SOE.
  • Check the exam timetable in advance and be sure of your exam dates and times.

Before the Beginning of the Exam

Do the following 30 minutes prior to the exam starting time.

  • Ensure that your computer or device is connected to the Internet.
  • Ensure that all unnecessary applications on your computer or device are closed.
  • Login to Moodle and check whether you can access your exam paper.
  • If you cannot access the exam, “Refresh” or “Reload” the Moodle page repeatedly and check. If you are unable to access the subject specific examination page by 15 minutes before the exam, submit a ticket to Examinations via Helpdesk.
  • Read the exam paper instructions that appear on the screen. The links on the screen will become active only at the exam starting time.

Exam Procedure

  • Start the exam at the time specified in the exam timetable.
  • Follow the Exam Paper Instructions and answer the questions accordingly.
  • The paper duration given in the exam timetable is the total time students will get for answering the questions and submitting the answer scripts, including uploading any scripts. The system will automatically disable accepting answers after the allocated time. Therefore, students are advised to use the last 30 minutes of the exam duration to submit their answers. DO NOT wait till the last minute to submit your answers.
  • An answer booklet will be provided if you are instructed to use one. The answer booklet is a Microsoft WORD file of 2 pages and answers need to be typed on it. Complete the front cover of the booklet by typing the required information. Type your Student ID, Subject Code and Section in the header of the 2nd page and start typing your answers from the 2nd page. If you want to go to a new page, press “Enter” on your keyboard until you get a new page. State the question number(s) clearly for each answer. The page numbers will display on the footer, automatically.
  • Answer booklet must be submitted as a PDF file and the file should be renamed as follows:

File name: Student ID (space) Subject Code (space) Section

Example: 66998 CPT101 A01

  • Only ONE attempt will be allowed for submitting answers or answer script in the exam. Therefore, review your answers/answer script properly before submitting them.
  • Students who submit the answers will be considered “present” for the exam. Students whose answer scripts are not received on time will be marked “absent” for the exam.

Reporting Issues in Exam

  • If you face a problem in the exam, “Refresh” or “Reload” the Moodle page repeatedly and check if the issue is solved.
  • If the problem persists, report it in the following order:
    1. Submit a ticket to Examinations via Helpdesk.
    2. If you are unable to submit a ticket, send an email to the following Examinations email ID from your university email ID.
    3. If you are unable to send a ticket or an email, call the Examination Department over the phone.
    4. Examination Department numbers: 3345160, 3345161, 3345162
    5. If you are unable to reach the Exam Department, contact your coordinator or Faculty.
  • If you are unable to continue the exam online, report it immediately, by submitting a ticket to Examinations via HelpDesk. Attach the evidence of failure to do the exam online (E.g. A photo/screenshot of any message you received on your screen) to the ticket.
  • If you are unable to submit the answer script by the exam ending time, due to a technical issue, report it to Examinations by submitting a ticket via HelpDesk, within the first 15 minutes from the exam ending time. Attach your answer script and the evidence (a photo/screenshot of submission failure message on your screen) to the ticket. Submitting the answer script this way does not necessarily mean that it will be marked. Such scripts may or may not be marked depending on the decision that will be taken after reviewing your case. Scripts received via Helpdesk after this time interval will be disregarded.
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