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Books / Materials

If you have lost your borrowed materials, please inform the library of this as soon as possible.
No. Unless there is a valid reason, the library recommends the student to visit the library to borrow materials. If there is a reason the student is unable to visit the library, the student can com...
You can search for the book at library OPAC ( You can search by Title, Author, Year Published, Publisher, Subject and check the status of the material.
You can view the detail of your borrowed books by: Signing into Library OPAC account ( > My Portal > Loans OR You can view the details from Library Mobile App.
All registered members at MNU Library can borrow library material. These include: Students Academic Staff Administrative Staff Alumni Members Council member Special members
Yes, you can visit any of the MNU Libraries for renewing the material.
Academic Staff, Council Members, PhD Students can borrow 20 items for a Semester. Part-time staff, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students can borrow 10 items for 4 weeks Block Mode is all the ...
If you are unable to visit the library, you may handover the material to a trusted person to return the material to the library. Please ensure that this is the last option.